Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The time has come

It's not been an easy or quick choice and we have logged many hours of internet research followed up by weeks of field study.   

Our journey began with Chad making a quick trip to Tillamook, Oregon and an even quicker job interview over Thanksgiving weekend.  We had other paddles in the water so we moved on.  

Our second stop led us to the banks of the North Platte River and over looking the landscape of Scottsbluff, NE.  I must admit it was pretty humbling to feel the frigid cold of the flatlands and see the tracks from the wagon wheels that rolled through that territory years before me. Tori was a little freaked out over the size of the school and determined that one of the outlying communities would have to be called home because she and Jordan were not going to that HUGE high school.   
I sent Jordan along for the third field study to Mountain Home, Idaho where we all really thought this would be the place.  But after a lost set of rental car keys and a veterinarian left with some duct work to be put back together we learned that it wasn't where the lord wanted us to go.  

We made it through Christmas still not sure where we should be going and praying fervently for some answers.  

The new year took us even further from home to the town of Hardinsburg, Kentucky where they boast about having been the home to the world's smallest Walmart and McDonalds.  Although the wide open spaces of Kentucky were beautiful in their own right.  I quickly figured out I'm just not an east of the Rockies kind of girl.  I like my mountains!!  School there just wasn't a good fit for our active bunch, but Chad would have loved all the cows he would have worked with.  
However, it was a nice little trip just Chad and I.  We got to spend a few crazy non-cell phone nights away from the kids.  Chad would lay in bed at night with one arm in the air holding up the phone and the other arm pulling his ear just right so we could keep our one bar of reception to have a nightly check in with the kids.  That was unnerving for this momma, no internet was one thing but not being able to talk to the kids whenever was almost unbearable at night.  

The end of our trip we got to spend a whirlwind day in Nashville taking in as much as we could.  
The Ryman Auditorium where so much country music has been born was pretty impressive.  To think of all the people that have walked out onto that stage knowing they had one shot to make it or break it. The stories the walls of that building could tell would be amazing!  

We have travelled over 10,000 miles, looked into numerous high schools and what they offer, meet some really great people and have seen more breeds of cows than you can imagine.  
But our search will come to an end and we feel our Father in Heaven has directed us to where he wants us to go so our family will be relocating to the land of many waters...
   and cheese.....  
where our children will now become...
 and Chad will have a plethora of these big gals..... to take care of on a regular basis.  


  1. Wow a move to Oregon?!? Glad you were led where you feel is best for your family. Good luck!